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Why everyone is drinking the Waiakea Water

The primary goal of every company is to have great returns. This should, however, not be at the expense of the environment or other factors affecting the well-being of the people. The bottled water company has caused real damage to the environment. Despite its huge economic global benefits, the adverse effects of the environment are very scary. There are no places to relax on the beaches anymore.

The Waiakea water brand is different. It does not focus on generating the profit only but also focuses on saving the environment and helping needy people in the society. The plastic bottle is the main challenge because it does not decay. The other problem is that people are not disciplined enough to dispose of the bottles in the right places.

Research carried out last years showed that the United States consumed 50 billion water bottles. However, only 12 % was recycled, and yet, it is not even among the top 5 countries that are littering the environment with water bottles. The Waiakea water has planned to address this issue by using plastic bottles that will be 100% recycled and can decay in at most 15 years. This will help in conserving the environment.

The Waiakea Water also minds the social welfare of the society. For every litre of water they sell, they donate clean water for a whole week to Malawi. They have also set aside 3% of their revenue to support the charity organizations in the area.

Besides, the great deeds that the Waiakea is doing to the community, their water is utterly refreshing, and it is purely volcanic. The Waiakea Water also has a great pH of 8.2. The pH scale runs from 0-14. Products with a pH of 0-5.5 are considered to be very acidic, 7 is neutral, and products with a pH of 7 and above are considered alkaline. Your body needs to maintain an alkaline pH of about 7.4. It is therefore important that you avoid drinking acidic drinks.

Many people are choosing the Waiakea water for its refreshing nature, as well as to save the environment and help the less fortunate in the process.