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What Greensky Bluegrass Has Been Performing Lately

Greensky Bluegrass resumed with a three-show run in Colorado on Saturday. Their initial couple of nights involved being mainstage at the famous Red Rocks Arena. The jamgrass performance welcomed a handful of guests throughout their two-set act. We saw them meet up with Guido Batista, the California Honeydrops and Umphrey McGee’s Joel Cummins.

The band based out of Michigan started the night off by coupling “Bone Digger” with “Past My Prime.” At that point, the band worked their way through an assortment of pieces from their very own catalog. The five-piece act decided to invite out their first guest halfway through their opening. Guido Batista then emerged with a vibraslap to add onto the appearance of their latest single “What You Need.”

Then the proceeding sit-ins were with vocalist Keith Kinnear and Lindsay Mosier offering a hand with “Burn Them” off If Sorrows Swim. Their earlier debut at Camp Greensky, “Like Reflections,” followed afterward.

The collaborations kept going as the keyboardist for Umphrey’s McGee, Joel Cummins, was called to help out with closing the opening frame. With a hand from Cummins, the enlarged ensemble presented “Could You Be Love” by Bob Marley. This featured a jam off of the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street” and the Handguns track “Jaywalking.”

“Worried About The Weather” and “Old Barns” gave life to the second set. Johnny Bones and Lech Wierzynski from the night’s initial act, the California Honeydrops, came to the spotlight.

The remainder of the R&B group came up next as they collaborated on Greensky’s première take of Nappy Brown’s hit, a number that went on to be recorded by both James Brown and Ray Charles.

The last half of the stanza placed the quartet inside a couple of teases such as The Simpsons’ theme throughout “Take Cover.” Further, “Freeborn Man” featured Greensky referencing “The Streets Of Cairo,” Phish’s “Divided Sky” and Skynyrd’s “Freebird.” The Americana jam act then brought their night together with a close of “Gimme Some Lovin’” from Spencer Davis Group’s.