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Kim Dao’s Most Dangerous Ramen

Kim Dao and her friend, Moa, joined her at a place called Fire Ramen in Kyoto, Japan. There are rules posted for customers to stay seated when the process is going on. They are to keep their aprons on at all times to avoid oil spattering. They shouldn’t touch the bowl because it’s hot with oil.Learn more :


The Customers are assured that if the follow the rules they will be safe. Ramen noodles are placed in a skillet. After the oil is poured over the noodles, the pan is ignited. I do not know exactly what kind of oil it is, but seconds later the Ramen noodles were ready to be eaten. Kim Dao and her friend, Mao, had started eating Ramen noodles and green onion with chopsticks instead of a knife and fork. Kim Dao says that you can give a worker your cell phone to film the experience. Outside there is a selfie area where you can stand to take a picture in front of the restaurant.Learn more :


After the Fire Ramen lunch, Kim Dao and her friend, Mao, headed for a grocery store and bought a bottle of water and on the way, Mao shared her Michael Jackson mints that she got at a barbeque, with Kim Dao. Kim Dao and Mao had gotten some tofu with soy sauce and some lettuce.Learn more :


After the trip, Kim Dao returned to her host family’s place to get ready for dinner. She didn’t know when she would see them after this trip.Learn more :