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José Auriemo Neto Real Estate Career

The real estate industry is booming in Brazil. As the economy improves, more people want to move to Brazil to search for jobs. With higher housing costs, many families struggle to pay higher rent prices.

José Auriemo Neto is a business owner and investor in the real estate sector. Throughout his career, he has done a great job finding properties that are undervalued. He enjoys teaching other people the basics of investing. Although he made mistakes early in his career, he now owns a flourishing real estate empire.

Real Estate Advice

Investing in real estate is a smart financial move for multiple reasons. Real estate can produce monthly cash flow for investors. The value of homes tends to increase over time. By purchasing properties in growing areas, investors can increase their chances of financial success.

Some people struggle to get a down payment saved. Most banks require a substantial down payment before lending money for an investment property. José teaches people how to pool money together with other investors to make a purchase.


Another critical aspect of investing in real estate is managing tenants. Few people understand how complicated tenant management can be. It is essential for investors to spend a lot of effort screening tenants. Hiring a property management company can be expensive, but the company can help in this process. For investors with multiple properties, hiring a property manager is the only way to manage the properties. When José first started, he had a few bad tenants that cost him a ton of money.

Other Growth Trends

As home prices increase, younger people are more likely to rent a home or an apartment. Most financial analysts believe that this trend will continue. Investors can take advantage of this trend by investing in small houses that will attract younger renters.

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Making Cosmetic Care More Accessible Than Ever

It is not a common thing to find a doctor that is also a businessman, this these two careers are quite different from one another. Dr. Mark McKenna, however, has taken kindly to mixing these two professions and he has done so quite successfully. Over the years, he has started several successful companies, including his latest company, OVME. Although Mark loves his work as a doctor, he found that he wanted more freedom and even greater success in his life.

After finishing his studies at Tulane Medical, Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree and on course to becoming a doctor. This was also the direction that his father took, becoming a medical doctor. During this time, however, Mark noticed that the profession was actually on a decline and was no longer as profitable as it used to be. This inspired Mark McKenna to try his hands at starting a business of his own. McKenna opened McKenna Investments in New Orleans and found success quickly, building millions in a matter of years. Unfortunately for Dr. Mark McKenna, Katrina hurt his business just as much as it hurt the community. Following the rebuild of the community and Mark recovering from his losses, he decided to focus on businesses that included his first profession, medicine. OVME is Mark’s latest company that is focused on the medical field, bringing products for noninvasive treatment straight to peoples homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna followed the same principles he used to create Health company into a successful business in his new company OVME. People are always seeking out cosmetic procedures and by providing them in a more readily available way, Mark can open up a rather large market of customers. Medical practitioners can be contacted through OVME’s app and even provide in-home consultations to customers to give them the advice they need for cosmetic services. People these days are much more private than they were in the past, which makes OVME a change of pace that meets the current culture’s demands.

Hussain Sajwani and the Modern Ideal of Working Together

Born in 1956 in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani is an accomplished United Arab Emirates businessman who has established himself through his education in the United States and as the head of the successful company DAMAC. While there tends to be a large amount of wealth individuals in the United Arab Emirates, Sajwani is an actual chairman of the UAE, making him one of the most influential and important figures in the Mideast.


Sajwani’s Education Abroad

One of the things that make Hussain Sajwani so unique, is his absolute desire to understand western capitalism. In his pursuit of success and education, Sajwani obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Washington. It was there that he would take the information he would have needed to apply back home where he would find massive success as a business man. Hussain’s success has helped him to bring back ideas of the west to Dubai in order to develop a culturally global aesthetic that is appealing to both locals and international businessmen.


Damac Properties

In 2002, Sajwani would find the legendary real estate developer Damac Properties in which would go on to become one of the leading real estate developers in Dubai. Hussain’s time with Damac has allowed him to become one of the richest men in the country at an estimated net worth of 4 billion dollars. Sajwani continues to push himself to develop and form relationships with leading property developers in order to help lead the charge of Dubai in the real estate market in 2017.


The Trump Deal

Having previously worked together to build in Dubai, Hussain is hoping to strike a deal with the now President of the United States in order to develop and create a stronger connection between the United States and the United Arab Emirate. In a time of conflict among the Mideast and the United States Sajwani’s deals aim to create a sense of resolution that surrounds itself and builds itself upon the friendly nature between Sajwani and Donald Trump.

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