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Jeremy Goldstein Demystifies the Quagmire of Mental Illness in New York

The World Health Organization has lately come to acknowledge mental illness as a global crisis that has led to the suffering of many individuals, families, and societies internationally. This has been as a result of the challenges and difficulties that the individuals recovering from the condition undergo to survive in the midst of the healthy individuals. Many people do not perceive the mental disorder condition as an ordinary illness. They tend to discriminate against the patients and even stigmatize them, a situation that has been so detrimental to the cohort. They feel left alone with their struggles, which should never happen to any sick individual.


Fountain House, with the help of Jeremy Goldstein, have been challenged by this scenario to provide solutions to the mentally challenged individuals. The first solution that Fountain House has initiated is the provision for education to the undermined group of individuals living with the mental disability. They have been training them to become dependent human beings in the society and equipping them with the appropriate skills for survival. Compared to the low rate of school completion by the mentally ill individuals in New York, a whopping 77% of the individuals living with mental illness and recovering at the Fountain House complete their studies and join the productive world in building the economy.


Another challenge that the mentally ill people face is the lack of productive employment. This is because of the biased perception that they receive from employers in the job market associated with their health condition. The employers tend to think that the individuals are less dependable and reliable than other individuals in the job market. This places them at a very uncompetitive edge compared to the individuals that don’t suffer from the condition.


As a solution to this challenge, Jeremy Goldstein and the Fountain house has developed programs that guide the recovering individuals at the organization in securing jobs and employment in the midst of many applicants that are not affected by the condition. Besides working at the Fountain House as a Board Member, Jeremy Goldstein is also a certified lawyer by profession, who owns a boutique law firm that is located in New York.


In support of the Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein has organized a dinner that will be attended by top-shelf individuals in the corporate world. This dinner is aimed at collecting funds that would aid in the reclamation of these individuals with the mental health problems so that they can be productive individuals in the community.


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