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Dr. Mark McKenna Is Making Cosmetic Care More Accessible Than Ever

It is not a common thing to find a doctor that is also a businessman, this these two careers are quite different from one another. Dr. Mark McKenna, however, has taken kindly to mixing these two professions and he has done so quite successfully. Over the years, he has started several successful companies, including his latest company, OVME. Although Mark loves his work as a doctor, he found that he wanted more freedom and even greater success in his life.

After finishing his studies at Tulane Medical, Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree and on course to becoming a doctor. This was also the direction that his father took, becoming a medical doctor. During this time, however, Mark noticed that the profession was actually on a decline and was no longer as profitable as it used to be. This inspired Mark McKenna to try his hands at starting a business of his own. McKenna opened McKenna Investments in New Orleans and found success quickly, building millions in a matter of years. Unfortunately for Dr. Mark McKenna, Katrina hurt his business just as much as it hurt the community. Following the rebuild of the community and Mark recovering from his losses, he decided to focus on businesses that included his first profession, medicine. OVME is Mark’s latest company that is focused on the medical field, bringing products for noninvasive treatment straight to peoples homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna followed the same principles he used to create Health company into a successful business in his new company OVME. People are always seeking out cosmetic procedures and by providing them in a more readily available way, Mark can open up a rather large market of customers. Medical practitioners can be contacted through OVME’s app and even provide in-home consultations to customers to give them the advice they need for cosmetic services. People these days are much more private than they were in the past, which makes OVME a change of pace that meets the current culture’s demands.

InnovaCare Health expands healthcare services in Puerto Rico

Innovacare Health is a health company which offers specialized care services in North America. Its main facilities are in New Jersey, and it is running a subsidiary in Puerto Rico. Innovacare has the largest Medicare Advantage health plans in Puerto Rico known as Medicare y Mucho Mas (MMM). The subsidiary in the area is flocked with many people looking for clinical services. The subsidiary has received over 20,000 clients in the last three months.


Healthcare on the island has been a big problem. Many doctors have been living for the mainland especially due to natural disasters that affect the island at times. According to the head of MMM in Puerto Rico, what the healthcare providers in the island need to understand is that there is need to deal with the pertinent health issues that affect the people. There are specific health needs that need to be given attention. For instance, there are a high number of cases of heart diseases in the island.


Innovacare has been providing healthcare services on the island following Hurricane Maria. Since then it has opened numerous clinics all over. The clinics are addressing the short-term needs of the healthcare sector on the island as well as focusing on the long-term solutions. The Medicaid and Medicare programs are paying for the services provided by Innovacare. Over 25,000 patents have received services in the clinics so far. MMM has also been focusing on sending medical officers around the island to offer services to the elderly as well as distributing supplies around the island. With the presence of Innovacare in the area, it is expected that medical services many improve even after the hospitals resume operations.


Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the President and CEO of Innovacare. He is the person behind innovations and growth of the healthcare company. His impact on the industry is significant in the development of specialized medical services. Rick Shinto is committed to pushing the company to greater heights through implementation of new innovative medical services. Once he took over the management of the company he ensured that the level of services was top notch.


The Chief Administration Officer of Innovacare- Health is known as Penelope Kokkinides. He recently had a meeting with President Trump where they discussed how Puerto Rico could be afforded better health care. He also discussed how the island could benefit from good health care policies. Penelope hopes that President Trump will increase the funding for the programs which support healthcare services on the island.


The Various Innovative Trends That Will Change the Entire Healthcare Industry: Drew Madden

Technology changes have transformed every industry in the world. Healthcare sectors are among the top sectors which are benefiting the most from the current technology trends. Besides, every player I technology is trying to bring new innovative ways of solving problems in this sector as well as give new approaches to handling delicate situations. With the digital adoption in this industry, the healthcare market is expected to grow at a rate of 23% in 2018. Some of the innovative trends which shall impact healthcare industry in 2018 include the following.

The Use of Predictive Analytics in the Industry

With the number of online pharmacies flooding the healthcare industry, people are finding it easy to access any services from the comfort of their premise. By using the predictive analytics, one will be able to acquire any services from their preferred online pharmacy. The best thing is that patients are well engaged in this element, and they interact well with the services providers.

Changes in internet of things

Internet of things and big data are great components which will bring a significant difference in this sector. Monitoring tools have been made extra reliable as well. Patients will now undergo different kinds of treatment safely while allowing the doctor to perform any type of operation necessary. That will also give the professionals supreme confidence even in the most complex scenarios in their ventures.

Maximum digital health focus

Nothing impacts the health sector like advanced technology. This includes the use of robots in complex operations, having clean health centers and maintaining quality and fast treatment approaches. The focus on technology has also led to great client engagement as well as substantial empowerment in the entire sector.

Excellent outcomes in 2018

Tools such as predictive analytics have made it easy to meet the various challenges involved in hospitals and health centers. According to an excellent IT entrepreneur, Drew Madden, predictive analytics can now be used to share, analyze or store patient information in any hospital. Communication has also been made easy for any hospital thus making the entire operation and easy venture.

About Drew Madden

Drew is famously known for his passion for bringing in innovative changes in the health sector. He is an IT executive and an entrepreneur who focuses on bring significant changes on work-forces, culture dynamics along with client relationships in healthcare sector using various innovative approaches.