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Mike Baur quits a well-paying job to help startups in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the few countries that have experienced tremendous growth in the business sector. Both the government and financial institutions are spending enormous resources in funding new business ventures that will help to transform the country and offer employment to thousands of young people who are graduating from schools. Switzerland is the home to some of the most significant and reputable financial institutions in the world. The country has also produced some of the biggest names in the global financial sector. Among the biggest names in the business sector is that of Mike Baur.

Mr. Baur has served in the Swiss banking sector for over two decades. He launched his career in the banking industry when he was only 16 years old. Mike Baur has worked at several financial institutions in Switzerland before establishing his company where he now serves as the managing partner.

Mike launched his career in the 1990s when he joined UBS. From humble beginnings, Mike Baur rose through ranks to the top leadership of an international Swiss private bank where he was a board member. During his banking career, Mike was a financial advisor who offered sound financial advice to banks, institutions and also individuals. Mike has dealt with many startup enterprises where he provided financial counsel and organized funding for them.

His career as a banker exposed him to the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in Switzerland where most of them lack proper guidance, capital and other critical resources that are required to run a successful business venture. Mike decided to quit his well-paying banking job to establish a venture that would help grow startup businesses in Switzerland.

In 2014, Mike teamed up with two other partners to establish Swiss Startup Factory. The main aim of establishing the company was to help entrepreneurs’ access capital, provide them with mentorship programs, link them with successful entrepreneurs and also offer free office spaces where they can operate from.

The company that was launched just three years ago is now regarded as the largest privately funded startup accelerator. No other startup accelerator in the country can boast of similar achievements in such a short time.

Mike Baur’s success in helping startups is as a result of hard work and dedication. Mike holds two business degrees from two universities. Mike has worked in several prominent financial institutions in the country where he has gained a lot of experience in Switzerland’s business environment. Besides being the managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike is also the co-founder of Swiss Startup Association.


Successful Resume Writing Secrets

I want to know a way to write a resume that separates you out of your opposition? comply with the recommendations in this article.


As a senior corporate leader for decades, and later, as a small commercial enterprise proprietor and management consultant, i’ve reviewed countless resumes, and i’ve additionally submitted resumes as a task seeker. i’ve found out that there are ideas that have to be protected when writing a prevailing resume.


And, as you’ll see, loose “cookie cutter” templates and samples that abound on the net are most effective in part useful in writing a fantastic resume. they will now not differentiate you sufficiently. The actual key is in constructing the resume as a sturdy sales and advertising piece.


whether or not you’re senior manager, a university graduate, very own your own enterprise, are seeking to exchange careers; or are the usage of a resume within your personal organisation, anybody will advantage from a contemporary, nicely written resume. there are numerous specific resume kinds and every is served by means of a slightly distinct layout, but all of them need to observe comparable concepts.


permit’s begin with a question: what is the cause of a resume? in case you replied something that seems like: “to seize all the things i’ve executed in my career so an corporation will see just how appropriate i am and hire me for a zillion dollar salary”, you would be wrong! in case you spoke back, “the reason of a resume is to get an interview” you would be correct! Your resume is a strategic advertising report that makes an enterprise need to call you in for an interview.


mindset and training


before you select up a pen to write a unmarried phrase, you need the right mental instruction for writing a resume. Be thorough approximately this due to the fact many times humans take vital matters with no consideration – we use a 21 point questionnaire to ensure we’ve got captured all essential information.


prepare all the applicable information – write down a list of:


o troubles which you have solved


o character developments that make you one of a kind and effective


o work history


o Accomplishments..


positioned your self inside the employer’s footwear – these days an employer receives loads of packages for a single marketed process. So how do you think they will they make their choices of which individual to interview? in case you responded, the primary strains of the resume, typically the objective, ought to trap her eye right away, you would be proper once more! You need your resume to be remembered. Make it clean to peer how you are a terrific candidate for the process.


Have a totally precise goal in mind. The resume should be written for the particular task that you are trying to get. this will assist you write a resume that includes key phrases that healthy the process description, and makes you appear like a c498ca6ac814ba2a0e6fddbf2ba4d831 prospect for the task. constantly recall although to be sincere in whatever you assert.


Be ruthless about with the exception of, or de-emphasizing activity studies that aren’t applicable, or now not useful, as lengthy as it does not create a massive hole in employment records. as an example, a element time activity at McDonald’s may not be helpful in touchdown a statistician’s activity after commencement.


if you are over 50, you may need to exclude very early jobs that are less crucial. This method could make your resume appearance more current, minimize any obstacles, and growth the probability of getting the interview. As an alternative, extract the abilities which you discovered from the excluded jobs and put them in a qualification statement. Be selective approximately what you encompass, but be sincere.


Plan to include a “power cowl Letter” that is addressed to a particular person inside the agency, and in it, highlight the most wonderful components of your resume which can be vital in your organization. because many humans do no longer do the duvet letter, doing so, can set your resume apart, communicate why you’re special, and decorate their hobby for your resume.




With these ideas in mind, you want to also write a resume with fashion.


For resumes which might be submitted electronically on task forums, some of those fashion points will now not follow considering the fact that they force you to squeeze your facts into a specific, impersonal electronic format. And due to that it is even more essential to jot down your resume the usage of the above principles in mind, and then format it mainly for electronic submission.


Resumes submitted online are usually parsed and study via computer systems that search for unique statistics. They rating those resumes and reject the ones that don’t meet positive standards. All this is finished earlier than the resume is study by using any human.


those software structures – Applicant monitoring software program (ATS) ignore some of the innovative formatting, and subheadings that are advantages in hard reproduction resumes. it is therefore crucial to layout these in a way that is optimized for laptop scoring.


We use the Preptel gadget to test our model of the digital resume for laptop compatibility earlier than submitting it.


i’d recommend which you keep away from these digital codecs if you can. perform a little studies and ship a hard replica resume on first-rate paper and matching envelope, immediately to the man or woman within the department in which you’re seeking a activity. It enables in case you understand a person employed there, that is willing to be superb about you, and that you may reference to your cowl letter.


anyhow, when they receive it, they will forward your resume directly to the right humans. If the employer insists which you observe their digital submission suggestions, do so, but you can have already succeeded in setting up yourself as someone who takes initiative – a pleasant little person builder image boost. publish both a paper model and an electronic model if you can.


difficult reproduction fashion factors:


  • The basic additives of a resume consist of:


o process objective (what you want to perform)


o experience (in which and whilst you labored what jobs)


o Accomplishments (what you achieved)


o capabilities (your skills)


o schooling (your schools, majors, thesis)


layout those additives so they healthy your personal experience, e.g., a college graduate with little enjoy ought to spotlight his schooling first. generally, activity experience in a chronological format works fine if there may be uninterrupted employment. If there are interruptions you may need to alternate the layout to spotlight your accomplishments and competencies first, after which an revel in summary.


Be particular in the course of – consist of concrete, quantifiable statistics specially in the accomplishment summary


Use motion verbs, now not passive verbs anywhere feasible, i.e. use: “skilled sales humans to increase sales” rather than “my department’s sales’s expanded”


Use white space to consciousness the reader’s interest

Use Fonts which might be clean to read

Spell and grammar test your record

Use bullet format to spotlight the maximum exquisite achievements


Use small blocks of textual content (A guiding principle is no more than lines in a bullet or four strains in a paragraph)




never do or consist of these things:


bright coloured paper (white, off white, and mild gray are excellent)

cheap paper

Small fonts (less than 12 pt.)

multiple fonts


Your photograph

revenue expectancies

non-public facts

motives for leaving final process


ultimately recall getting a behavioral fashion assessment a good way to spotlight function tendencies on the way to provide you with some thing to talk about either within the resume or in the interview. A DISC evaluation highlights your traits in leadership, working with others, stability, and the way you address rules and rules. they may be inexpensive and come up with extraordinary insights into your personal behavioral fashion.

Robert Santiago’s Success Story: The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is one of the most acknowledged entrepreneurs in Brazil. Santiago came into the lime-light when he established Manaira Shopping Mall. This is one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. Here is a recap on Santiago’s road to fame and what you should expect from one of his biggest achievements, the Manaira Shopping Complex.


How Did Santiago Start Out?


Santiago did not always have it easy. The 58 year old attended the “University Center of Joao Pessoa” to pursue a degree in Business Administration. While in school, Santiago was known for other things apart from his excellent performance in class. Santiago loved writing and his passion led him to establish a blog that covered the events of his home country. He posted informative articles in his blog and attained a good reputation among his fellow country-men. Santiago is also knowledgeable in production. However, his business acumen was trigged when he decided to establish a cartonage firm. The company was involved in designing and manufacturing cardboard folding cartons. Santiago had scanned the market and established that these cartons were in high demand. This is how he succeeded in turning the cartonage firm into a profitable venture. After realizing he was good at managing businesses, Santiago was curious enough to try his luck in a more risky venture. It is at this point that he decided to move to real estate. He managed to acquire a plot in Joao Pessoa where he established the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1989.


About Manaira Shopping Mall


Located in Paraiba Brazil, The Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the most frequented shopping complexes in Brazil. The Mall offers a variety of goods and services all under a single roof. You can expect to find art, food, clothes, and other general items.


Apart from domestic utilities, the mall boasts of having many entertainment and leisure activity venues. You can expect to find bowling alleys, gardens, bars, and restaurants at this shopping center. Furthermore, the plaza also has banking institutions and colleges. For the movie aficionados, the Manaira houses 11 movie theatres that offer award winning current and classic movie entertainment. Movie fans also have the luxury of watching movies in 3D. The joint also has eating out joints and bar services where people are able to indulge in snacks and drinks.


The Domus Hall is another excellent feature of the Manaira shopping mall. This is where entertainment at the mall reaches its peak. The hall can hold up to 8,000 people. The Domus Hall is strategically placed to host cultural festivals, live concerts, and art exhibitions. If you are in to tourism, or are a foreigner, this is one place you should visit to spruce up your Brazilian knowledge of art and culture.



Orange Coast College Hosts Famous Flower

When looking for a school to attend in southern California, Orange Coast College is a great option. Orange Coast College is a community college that is located in the heart of Orange County, CA. The school first opened its doors nearly 75 years ago and today is one of the largest community colleges in the state. Today, Orange Coast College has an enrollment of around 25,000 students, which include students from the Orange County area and other parts of the country. It offers a range of associate’s degree options, which then transfer well to four-year schools.


Overall, Orange Coast College is known for being a top school for both academics and junior college athletics. While it does have a good reputation overall, it has recently been in the news for a completely different reason. For the past few weeks, the school has been covered a lot due to the fact that it currently has a dead corpse flower, which is one of the most rare flowers in the world. The dead corpse flower is best known for its very foul smell that comes when it blooms.


What makes the dead corpse flower very unusual is that it is very rarely bloomed. While it can take months for the flower to bloom, it will remain bloomed for only a few days. Due to the rarity of the flower, and the short time period in which it is bloomed, the school is hosting open visitation for the flower in one of the admin buildings. People can now visit the flower from 10am to 6pm every day of the week. It will also be open until after 10pm when it is in full bloom. There is also a live web cam that allows you to view its progress.


If you are looking to see the flower, Orange Coast College is the best place to see it today. The school is currently allowing people in to see the flower for just a $3 fee. This is very similar to what Orange Coast College did in 2014 when they had the same flower. That year, more than 2,000 people came and paid to see it.


Visit to learn more.

Making Investments With The Help Of UKV PLC

With the current changing times, people all over the world have begun embracing and enjoying the benefits of wine. The type of meal, occasion, and location influences the type of wine to be purchased. United Kingdom Vintners, UKV PLC, is one of the companies that deal with wine consultancy. The Company is based in the United Kingdom and is made up of a small team that advises clients on how to select the most appropriate wines for their occasions and investments. The team has vast knowledge in wine.

UKV PLC is very flexible in their operations with the intention of providing the best customer service. The Company is not rigid or limited in its operations as it works as an independent company. They have a wide network of middlemen and suppliers who they work with to find and lure its wine stocks when they are need of a rare or highly sort wine or champagne. Their main mission is to acquire, stock and sell bonded fine wines and champagnes on behalf of the individuals and trade clients. Their supply is dependent on the customer need, it can be for consumption or as a form of investment.

Some people invest in wine, especially those with a low production level and the ones that can’t be produced again. This is an investment because as the consumption of these wines continues, the availability is limited therefore making the available remaining stock more expensive. UKV PLC offers a brokerage service held by a regulated bond in the UK for anyone willing to sell investment grade wine. They advise their clients on available wine or champagne options based on their preferences and expenditure levels. The Company does not offer any financial advice on the profits or tax implications that the wines or champagnes are likely to bring.

UKV PLC advises that holding on to a good bottle of wine or champagne from a legendary Chateaux holds its value over the years.

The Educational Choice Changes In Michigan Due To The Hard Work Of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been involved in politics for thirty years. She has been the leader in party organizations, campaigns and political action committees. She has searched for solutions to social problems and is active in nonprofit causes. She serves on numerous local and national charitable boards.

Betsy DeVos is an advocate for educational choice, voucher programs, educational savings accounts and tax credits. She has helped low income families in Grand Rapids provide their children with a safe atmosphere for their education. Ms. DeVos and her husband significantly support the Potter House because they believe in helping children achieve an education that will provide them with a good future. She founded a foundation that provided scholarships to families with low incomes in desperate need of the assistance. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Betsy DeVos became involved in the movement for educational choice in the 1990’s with the American Education Reform Council and Children First America. She was working towards expanding educational choice with the use of tax credits and vouchers. She was involved in passing the first charter school bill in Michigan in 1993.

Betsy DeVos began a committee in Michigan for political action known as the Great Lakes Education Project. The purpose of the committee was the promotion of educational reform by expanding Michigan’s charter schools. She has educated potential legislators, helped get them elected and helped in the creation and passing of legislation to promote educational choice.

Betsy DeVos has proven herself as a leader, an advocate, an innovator and a disruptor. She has been one of the principle pioneers in politics, business and education in the fight to enact change, remove barriers and create positive environments where individuals can grow and thrive. She was formerly with the Windquest Group as their Chairman. The group is a private management and investment firm based out of Michigan with a diversified service portfolio and consumer product.

Betsy has been an active politician for well over 35 years and the Michigan Republican Party elected her as their chairman four times. She has held multiple roles in leadership with campaigns, political action committees and party organizations. Her current efforts are focused on the advancement of educational and school choice.

Betsy DeVos has remained active within her community. She was the former chair for The Philanthropy Roundtable and American Federation for Children board of directors. She has served on quite a few local and national boards including the Foundation for Excellence in Education, ArtPrize, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management located at the University of Maryland and the American Enterprise Institute. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Betsy DeVos attended and graduated from Holland Christian High School. She attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her husband is community activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos. The couple has four children and five grandchildren.

How Dr. Rick Shinto Provides Affordable And Excellent Healthcare Plans

InnovaCare Health’s core value is to provide high-quality medical care to the people that buy their healthcare policies. Teamwork is also highly valued at this company which is an emphasis of its President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto. He has developed a team at InnovaCare Health that effectively communicates, both among itself and with their customers, as well as one that has great working relationships. They embody their mission statement which is to redefine the management of healthcare.

InnovaCare Health provides health insurance policies to the residents of Puerto Rico. They have two subsidiaries on this island, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC MediCare Choice Inc. Both healthcare programs, which are NCQA accredited, consistently have customer satisfaction rates that exceed 90%. In order to receive NCQA accreditation, Dr. Rick Shinto and his team had to exceed quality assurance standards. Contact details available at

Dr. Rick Shinto has been in the healthcare field for four decades. He has been both a physician and executive in the industry. Before joining InnovaCare Health Dr. Rick Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Inc. where he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. He also served Medical Management as a Vice President as well as Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Rick Shinto earned his Bs. at the University of California and his M.D. at the State University of New York. He also holds an MBA which he earned at the University of Redlands. He has also been the author of several articles about clinical medicine and the healthcare field. It was as a physician the Dr. Rick Shinto started his professional career as. He worked as a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. He transitioned into management after several years of directly treating patients.

One of Dr. Rick Shinto’s goals at InnovaCare Health is to make obtaining medical care affordable for their clients in Puerto Rico. One of the ways they do this is by making use of innovative technology that helps to keep costs low while still delivering superb care. He also uses his industry experience and knowledge in order to come up with innovative ways of keeping the costs down.

End Citizens United Need More Supporters than They Ever Did

Whenever the American politics get discussed in a family meeting, the Citizens United scandal always gets mentioned, but not everyone is aware of what it is, maybe not even you.

The Citizens United is a landmark that is traced very early in the history of the American politics and the constitutional law, and it was a decision made to support the monetization of candidacies and for investors to put capital as assistance for the campaigns of their favorite political candidates. If this sounds right or wrong to you, there is no discussing that this system has corrupted the entire political figure, as there is no transparency anymore, and the political campaigns are all based on interest and capital flow now. There is no deeper meaning to political candidacies other than the opportunity for magnates and billionaires, entrepreneurs of success of people with varied interests to use their commercial power to move the political system to their liking.

The End Citizens United is another very famous name that you should save in your head. It is a political action committee, also called PAC, is a group created to raise awareness of the problem and find ways to elect Democrats who want the landmark to end and restore the transparency of the political system of the United States.

How is the End Citizens United being able to make changes that are important and are steadily electing people in politics who want the reform to take place? It’s simple. The PAC has no other means of income other than their grassroots donors who are continually funding the decisions of the group, and its already more than 100,000 donors and participants who donate and vote for the Democrats that have publicly stated that they want the Citizens United landmark to end.

They have raised more than 10 million dollars for the past months, and that is already a huge margin compared to the last years of ongoing fight for the reform to take place. People in politics are already talking about the Citizens United and the problem that it has brought to the elections of the U.S., and the number of active donors has proven that Americans are also more aware of the problem as time progresses. Because of that, the group understands that if they keep their dedication on the same level, it’s a matter of time until the Citizens United has a declared ending, but many political figures don’t want the landmark to have an end as many of their allies and supporters would not be able to benefit from the monetization of candidacies any more. Because of that, it is important, more than ever, that more and more donors lend their votes to elect pro-reform Democrats that are supported by the PAC, to make the last push and end the corrupted era once and for all.

Buy Wine on the Beach

Notwithstanding the huge range of wine contributions, there will be a few merchants offering a variety of local food and unrecorded music. Additionally highlighted are expressions and specialty sellers and grouped small scale blended brews for procurement. Bring a seat or cover. Tickets cost $35 and incorporate a dedicatory wine glass and test coupons. Assigned drivers get a dedicatory wine glass and boundless soda pops. Kids ages 13-20 are $15 and must be joined by a parent. Kids 12 and more youthful conceded free. Advance tickets: 800-626-2326 or at the Visitor Center at the tradition focus. Go to for a rebate coupon.

You could get them, it was stated, with an angleworm from your garden or a red-and-white spinner from Skaggs Drug — yet not regularly. The trout were Mike’s.

Mike trafficked in plumage and handle — salmon eggs the shade of flame deal polyester and nightcrawlers the span of your little finger — however the vast majority searched him out for the whimsical.

Cheez-Whiz, for example.

Mike had an attempted and-genuine technique for making handled cheddar item claim to trout: He exited it on a rack in the stock space for a long time. When you pried the cover off the container, it would make Taffy’s eyes water, set him to crying and send him escaping into his concealing spot in the cedar breaks behind the store.

In any case, it was completely powerful to the trout of Pebble. Furthermore, on the day Mike sold his last jug of Cheez-Whiz, the fish quit gnawing.

Learn to be a Successful Real Estate Agent with the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Most people have a desire and a drive to want to make a go of a business of their own, however, they, for the most part, lack the k ow how to go about it. That is why Nick Vertucci, a successful real estate entrepreneur, started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy on

Until the crash in 2000, he was running his own business selling computer parts. When the crash hit he lost everything except his house. After 18 months of little or no income and a family, a friend invited him to a three-day real estate training seminar as his guest. Nick Vertucci found that three-day seminar to be the best thing that ever happened to him. After listening to the speaker and absorbing most of what he heard he knew that he had found what he wanted to do to get back on top.

It did, however, take him about 10 years to absorb everything he could about the real estate industry with a lot of learning as he went. But in the end, Nick Vertucci had all the information that he needed to be successful, and successful he very defiantly is. Nick Vertucci, after becoming a millionaire had vowed that he would teach his workable system to others so that they could make a change in their lives also.

There are challenges in a career of real estate investing and According to, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy brings solutions to these challenges by using his problem system that he used to become a millionaire.

Nick Vertucci has six tips that he says will keep you on track in real estate. Your word is your bond in this industry so if you say something mean it. If wrong apologize, which has three parts, Say I’m sorry, tell the person that there is no excuse for whatever happened or for your behavior. Then tell them that you are going to fix it and assure them that is will never happen again.

Your reputation is the most important thing when you are in business since you w ant to make the people you are working with feel secure and confident that you are working for them. Your reputation is built on paying your bills, responding to e-mails and phone calls, practice the Golden Rule, and focus on your business at

At the academy, they will help you build your reputation from the start and how to show everyone that you mean business.