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Jason Hope, Arizona Oracle, Declaims On Matters Technological

Jason Hope, Arizona’s number one internet tech entrepreneur, has made quite a name for himself.

As the founder of Jawa, perhaps the nation’s first premium mobile content provider, he beat Steve Jobs and everyone else to the starting line of a race that they didn’t even know was running until 10 years later. Nearly a full decade before the opening of the Apple Store, Hope was selling music, streaming and videos to mobile device users using a simple, intuitive interface.

Hope has also been a pioneer of equal distinction in other fields. As one of the early creators of SEO techniques, Hope blazed trails where the less sagacious feared to tread. Creating techniques that could rank pages on Google’s top three search results in just days, Hope made a fortune propelling businesses to the top of the page rankings and creating massive value for companies that didn’t previously enjoy strong online presences.

Today, Jason Hope has stepped back from a daily role in his media empire. He has recently been focused on writing articles for blogs and various tech websites as well as magazines. One of his favorite topics is the coming technologies that will make up what’s known as the Internet of Things. Hope sees this as the most important development of the last 100 years. The term refers to all things that use networking technology of any kind to interact with other objects and people. Hope believes that total inclusion of all devices in one global network will create huge opportunities.

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